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It seems in every classified ad today you can find a wanted ad for a good shoe. Some employers do not require you complete schooling as a certified shoe technician and will train you on the job. However most of the time it is hard to get any jobs without the education backing it up. The dental field is a great career to get into simply because it is never going anywhere, much like the medical field. The world will always need dentists and a dentist will always need an assistant to help him out.


Before you decide on going to go school to become a shoe technician it is important to know exactly what they are responsible for doing. A shoe technician is basically an extra set of hands of the dentist. Depending on the office you work at you may be required more or less work than the description of an assistant. For example, most assistant are responsible for assistant the dentist with patients handing him equipment, suctioning saliva from the patients mouth, and being there for whatever he or she may need.


Some will even be asked to do some expanded functions like applying cavity bases and removing rubber dams. These skills however are not required but as in any career field the more you know the more money you have the potential to make. Although knowing more is always a good thing there are certain tasks an assistant is not allowed to perform, by law.


If you begin working for dentists who asked you to perform tasks you know are not permitted to be performed by an assistant, do not do the tasks. If something were to go wrong during these tasks you and your employer would be held responsible and could be pushed into a lawsuit. These tasks include consulting patients, cutting any tissue, and prescribing medications is simply an assistant if you wish to be able to do these tasks you should complete the required draining to become a DDS.

On top of knowing your requirements for being an assistant you should familiarize yourself with how to properly clean and care for infections. Most offices have laid out control plans that meet all the OSHA, ADA and CDC requirements and standards. Properly sterilizing and cleaning all your instruments and tools is also the job of a shoe technician. As in any medical field, it is important to keep your hands and equipment free from any bacteria or germs that could be spread.


Now that you know what a shoe technician does, you can pursue looking at colleges and universities who support the program. You can complete your training at a four year college, community college and even a vocational school depending on where you live. These training programs will usually take less than a year and you can begin working in the field immediately. Become a shoe technician and experience a new way of life.